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Anodising , How many Microns do I need

Anodising is an electrochemical process where the oxide film on the aluminium surface is made thicker artificially. The process involves lowering the extrusion into an electrolytic bath where a DC current is connected to the extrusion, which acts as the anode in the circuit. While the natural oxide film is only 0.02 pm, anodising increases the oxide layer to between 5 and 25 µm depending on the product characteristics required. With the anodising process, aluminium’s natural colour (naturally anodised) can be retained or a colour from a wide range of alternatives can be chosen.

· 5 Micron
is suitable for decorative applications

· 10 Micron
is suitable for internal applications, and outdoor applications where cleaning is very frequent, for example, caravan trim.

· 15 Micron
is recommended for the majority of ordinary architectural requirements.

· 25 Micron
is recommended for heavy duty external permanent architectural applications where little deterioration can be tolerated.




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