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Aluminium in Football

Aluminium has come to play an important role on the periphery of the beautiful game. First the goals: originally they were made of wood, the sections are now made of aluminium with a round cross-section. This means that the past and future disasters with broken wooden goal posts have been eliminated.
However, aluminium is not only found in the goals, but also under the soles of the players.

David Beckhams boots have Aluminium studs which he says give him a better grip on the playing surface, So even David Beckham recomends Aluminium.

Manchester United use Aluminium Goal posts so do Arsnal, Chelsea Liverpool and Everton along with most other premiership clubs


The construction of the modern Stadium also incorporates many Aluminium extrusions, along with aluminium sheet for insulation, reflectors for lighting , signs , worksurfaces and appliances to serve half time food. in fact it would be fair to say that without Aluminium the beautiful game may be just a Game




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