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Aluminium Extrusions, Fabricators and Powder Coaters

Fabricating or Aluminium Fabrications

Fabricating in the context here is referring to the working of Aluminium extrusion turning it from a basic extrusion into a finished product .

Aluminium is easily machined so the extrusion needs only be the first step in designing a Aluminium product.


By the use of:-

Saws for straight cut or mitre cuts with a range of angles,

Drilling machines for simple holes

Punching to achieve complex holes or removing material or even simple bending

CNC routing to put holes and slots on up to three faces along a 3metre length


CNC vertical milling to produce complicated machining with perfect


a combination of all the above can create an Aluminium product that bears little resemblance to the original extrusion.

Examples are difficult to describe and sometimes we are prohibited from saying what we supply and to whom

But let us have some fun

We supply a machined Aluminium extrusion that act as a step and enables the windscreen to be kept clear of water on a vehicle that has a track rather than wheels and has a Big Gun

Or how about an Aluminium product that in use enables the occupants of large expensive cars to keep cool.

A extrusion that in use helps oil wells to keep operating

A set of extrusions that help waterproof a domestic appliance (not normally a product you would want water near)

An Aluminium product that without which the London Underground would trip up

A small product that give a fibre glass canoe direction



Polishing aluminium prior to final finishing is a re-requisite for a good finish

But polishing can only enhance the basic aluminium extrusion to enable us to achieve the correct finish we must first start with a high quality extrusion which invariable costs more, however because polishing and finishing are expensive operations the high initial costs are worth it.

Polishing at Snelsons involves the use of Automatic flat bed polishing machines and operated spindles


We currently have 3of the auto machines running plus another 2 which we use for spares.. These machines are critical to all Polishers and Anodisers as without them quality and through put would suffer


All companies in the polishing and anodising business who are serious about quality use the same equipment. The machines cost in excess of £50,000 and you can wait up to 6months for a new one.






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