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Aluminium Bottles

Thirst-quenchers in aluminium

Drinking is essential. An average human can survive for several weeks - up to an amazing six months - without food, but only a few days without water. Experts recommend a daily fluid intake of at least two litres to stay fit. It is very important for athletes that they drink enough since the body loses a correspondingly high amount of body fluids under exertion. However, children must also be given regular drinks to meet their needs for water.

A drinking bottle makes it very easy for us to satisfy this important fluid intake when out of the home. And aluminium offers ideal properties for making such bottles. Drinking bottles in aluminium are light, durable and very practical.

The pioneers - and still market leaders - for these drinking systems for leisure and sport activities is the Swiss Sigg company. A piece of raw aluminium about the size of an ice-hockey puck is extruded with one blow and a pressure of 650 tonnes to create a cylinder without seams. The familiar bottle shape is produced in a number of operations. The bottle is sprayed on the inside with a neutral-tasting lacquer suitable for storing beverages and is then baked. A solvent-free powder lacquer is used for the outer coating which bonds to the metal under heat. One piece of aluminium is thus transformed into a high-quality bottle of any desired shape and colour in around one and a half hours.

Whether the shape of your aluminium bottle drink a lot and stay healthy!







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